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Coaching is a dynamic partnership fostering personal growth and transformation. Tailored to individual needs, the sessions empower clients to overcome obstacles, boost self-awareness, and achieve their goals. Starting with trust and rapport, I create a safe environment for exploration and collaboration. Together, we define objectives and craft actionable plans, adapting sessions to evolving needs. Conveniently conducted online, sessions ensure accessibility without compromising effectiveness.

What is coaching and how can it benefit me?

Coaching is a collaborative partnership aimed at personal growth and transformation. Through targeted guidance and support, coaching helps individuals identify goals, overcome obstacles, and create positive change in their lives. Whether it’s enhancing self-awareness, boosting confidence, or achieving specific objectives, coaching empowers individuals to tap into their potential and lead fulfilling lives.

What types of coaching services do you offer?

 I offer a range of coaching services tailored to address various aspects of personal and professional development. The services include Life Coaching, Business Coaching, NLP Coaching, and Individual Constellations. Each coaching modality is designed to meet unique needs, whether it’s unlocking potential, enhancing leadership skills, or resolving inner conflicts. 

How do you tailor coaching sessions to individual needs?

Coaching sessions are personalized to each individual’s goals, challenges, and preferences. I begin by building trust and rapport, creating a safe space for open communication and exploration. Then, I work collaboratively to define specific objectives and develop actionable plans to achieve them. Throughout the process, sessions are adapted to address evolving needs and priorities, ensuring a customized and effective coaching experience.

What can I expect to achieve during and after the Burnout Breakthrough program?

Throughout the 9-week program, you can expect to gain a better understanding of burnout, identify stress triggers, implement effective coping strategies, and cultivate healthier lifestyle habits. By the end of the program, you will have enhanced self-awareness, improved emotional resilience, stronger relationships, and a clear plan for ongoing well-being and personal growth. The program is designed to empower individuals to reclaim their vitality, rediscover harmony, and unlock their full potential.

What is the difference between the Premium Burnout Breakthrough program and the standard Burnout Breakthrough Program?

On top of the standard Burnout Breakthrough program, you will benefit from 4 individual online coaching sessions with me, each tailored to address your unique needs and challenges. These sessions serve as a safe space for exploration, reflection, and growth, allowing you to go even deeper into the root causes of your burnout and develop strategies for overcoming them.

Are the sessions conducted online or in person?

All sessions are conducted exclusively online. I understand the importance of accessibility and convenience, which is why I’ve opted for online sessions to accommodate your busy schedule and location. Rest assured that online sessions are just as effective, efficient, and impactful as in-person meetings. Through our virtual sessions, I provide personalized support, guidance, and tools to help you achieve your goals effectively from the comfort of your own space. 

1:1 Coaching & Programs Prices

Life Coaching

Seeking personal growth and transformation? Let’s work together to identify your goals, overcome obstacles and create positive change in your life.

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Benefits of Life Coaching:

  • Clarity: Gain clarity on your purpose, values, and aspirations

  • Confidence: Boost self-confidence and overcome self-doubt

  • Goal Achievement: Achieve your goals faster with focused action

  • Improved Relationships: Enhance communication and connection

  • Stress Reduction: Learn effective coping strategies

  • Work-Life Balance: Create harmony between work and personal life

  • Personal Growth: Evolve into your best self

107 EUR

Business Coaching

Willing to elevate your professional performance and drive success in your endeavors? I collaborate with you to identify goals, address challenges, and implement effective strategies for growth and development.

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Benefits of Business Coaching:

  • Enhanced Performance: Achieve peak performance by leveraging strengths

  • Increased Confidence: Boost self-assurance in decision-making and leadership

  • Improved Communication: Enhance interpersonal skills and foster effective collaboration

  • Accountability: Stay on track with goals through regular check-ins and progress assessments

  • Better Work-Life Integration: Balance professional demands with personal well-being

  • Higher ROI: Investing in coaching delivers concrete benefits for both individuals and organizations

  • Promotion: Get a clear plan and actions on how to get promoted

107 EUR

Burnout Breakthrough

Through a series of 9 workshops, I guide you from understanding the roots of burnout to cultivating a lifestyle of balance and fulfillment. From self-awareness and boundary-setting to crafting actionable plans and unleashing your limitless potential.

More Details

Benefits of the Burnout Breakthrough Program:

  • Learn to identify stress and its triggers, and implement strategies to manage, address, and resolve them
  • Increase awareness of your current behaviors and approaches
  • Enhance your lifestyle, daily balance and work-life balance by changing habits that no longer serve you
  • Improve your eating, exercise, and sleep habits
  • Cultivate mindfulness of your emotions and practice listening to them
  • Create dedicated time and space for yourself
  • Foster stronger relationships with your partner, friends, family and colleagues
  • Enhance your time management and prioritize effectively
  • Set healthy boundaries in your personal and professional life
  • Take concrete steps towards your mission and what brings you fulfillment
  • Create a detailed plan with actionable steps to achieve your goal

479 EUR

Premium Bunrout Breakthrough

On top of the standard Burnout Breakthrough program, you will benefit from 4 individual online coaching sessions with me, each tailored to address your unique needs and challenges.

More Details

Benefits the Premium Bunrout Breakthrough Program:

  • Accelerated Progress Towards Recovery: Combine the standard burnout program with personalized coaching sessions to accelerate your progress towards recovery and resilience, achieving faster and more sustainable results.

  • Continuous Support Between Sessions: Receive ongoing support and guidance between coaching sessions, ensuring that you stay on track and motivated to achieve your goals.

  • Customized Stress Management Techniques: Work with your coach to develop customized stress management techniques tailored to your lifestyle and preferences, equipping you with practical tools to manage stress effectively and prevent burnout recurrence.

  • Building Resilience and Coping Skills: Develop resilience and coping skills through 1:1 coaching sessions, learning how to bounce back from setbacks, navigate challenges, and maintain well-being in the face of adversity, addressing your own and unique situations.

  • Priority Scheduling for Coaching Sessions: Enjoy priority scheduling for your 1:1 coaching sessions, ensuring timely support and flexibility to accommodate your busy schedule.

698 EUR

About Me

My journey began with a passion for understanding and managing emotions, which led me to discover how embracing feelings can turn life’s challenges into tales of triumph. By applying techniques tested on myself, I ensure efficient and effective coaching sessions and workshops that prioritize simplicity and results.

Outside of coaching, I fuel my personal growth with travel, exploration, and a commitment to lifelong learning. Whether I’m serving on the tennis court, dancing to bachata, or finding serenity in nature, staying active and balanced is key.

I firmly believe in the power of “me-time” to recharge and find joy in life’s simple pleasures, from massages to beach walks and brunch dates with myself. And amidst it all, quality time with loved ones remains a cherished priority.

Success Stories

“Before going through this journey with Mihaela, I was constantly overwhelmed and on the brink of burnout. But after just a few weeks of participating and implementing the strategies taught, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I now have the tools and confidence to manage my stress and prioritize my well-being and tasks at work.”

“I’ve been coaching with Miha for almost 2 years. During this time, I managed to overcome certain obstacles and significantly grow in my business. I like that she is a lively person, with concrete solutions to your fears, a person I resonated with 100%. I wholeheartedly recommend her!”

“I highly recommend Mihaela because after 6 months of collaboration, I am a different person compared to when I started the one-on-one sessions. She challenged and encouraged me when needed, she supported me […]”

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