Mihaela Lazăr

Life & Business Coach

Hi, I am Mihaela!

I am all about supporting you to unlock your limitless potential while embracing the joy of living life to its fullest. 

My Journey

I am a Life & Business Coach and NLP Master.

Experienced with Individual Constellations, Hypnotherapy, and Radiaesthesia.

For many years, understanding and managing emotions has been my greatest passion. Over time, I’ve noticed how emotions and views can transform life’s challenges into success tales.

I learnt how to recognize, understand, and embrace my feelings rather than resisting them. This is how I discovered how to improve my well-being and relationships with others around me. More importantly, how my life is progressing in the desired direction.

What I use in the workshops and coaching sessions are things I’ve tried on myself first to ensure their efficiency. I’ve always avoided complicated and time-consuming methods. So I always make sure the techniques I apply are quick and simple.

Now I’m using my expertise to assist others improve their well-being, relationships, and get the results they desire within their business.


My Passions

Welcome to my world of wanderlust! I love to travel all around the world, discover new places and cultures. I find it a never ending source of development and learning, while building new connections.

Fueling my passion for personal growth, I’m constantly diving into new courses, reading books, listening to podcasts and experimenting with innovative techniques. With boundless curiosity, I’m always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Very often you will catch me on the move, whether I’m serving on the tennis court, swaying to the rhythm of bachata, or hitting the gym to stay energized and active.

A non-negotiable for me is “me-time”. It’s the space where I recharge and always make sure to have the time and space for myself.

It’s all about the simple things which bring me joy and energy: having a massage, going for a walk at the beach, discovering a new city, long walks in nature, having brunch with myself and the list can go on.

And of course, I prioritize quality time with my loved ones, ensuring they’re always a cherished part of my journey.

What to expect from our collaboration:

Take full responsibility for your life

Commit to the process, even when it's tough

Go deep, even if it's not always beautiful

Achieve concrete results

Enjoy and have fun during the journey

Don’t Wait Any Longer

Let’s Start Our Journey Together Today!